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Disposable mask making machine


1.This machine can produce 1 to 4 layers face mask made of non-woven fabrics, with high output, low rejection rate and easy to be used.  Its adjustable in specification of product, like the thickness (in a limit extent) and the nose-shaping metal bar of face mask. By changing the mould, it can produce face mask of any length and any standard. For example, face mask with one of two nose-shaping metal bar can be made. Putting covered yarn and rubber band into the conveyer case, the machine will convey, cut and seal rubber band automatically. It can also complete belt pointing once. The surface of machine is made of aluminum alloy structure.

2.Output of face mask is conveyed by the conveyer, and the speed is adjustable. The output is in order, with good quality, operating easily and high quantity.

3.Made of aluminum alloy, the machine is clean, without weld and paint. There are man-machine control system with touch screen. Time, total output, output of this day can be seen in it. It can also adjust speed by numeric keyboard, as well as alarm and shut-down setting according to the quantity. 

4.The motor of machine is    made in Taiwan, and reduction gear with brake function is almost noiseless.

5.The face mask is sealed by ultrasonic, using inner spot welding and binding, which is accurate and high-speed.

     Quanzhou Taifeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013,as manufacturer is located in the "Fujian Optoelectronic Entrepreneurship Park," the laudatory name of Nanan Optoelectronic Base. After more than ten years of unremitting efforts and construction, the existing plant covers a total area of 9000 square meters. At the same time, the company has experienced, professional knowledge and technology, professional installation and maintenance, testing, dynamic team.
      Taifeng company, like the original mind, has always been committed to the production of professional, safe and reliable medical, inspection, household and industrial latex, nitrile glove production lines, mask machines, cigarette paper folding machines, cigarette paper printing and cutting machines, face napkins, napkins, toilet paper machines, balloon production lines and printing presses and other mechanical products., the company pays close attention to product quality and reputation, and has passed ISO9000 certification system and CE certification, so that the quality of the company's products is in line with international standards. The development over the years has been trusted and praised by customers, and the products are not only sold to most provinces and cities in China, but also exported to Spain, Egypt, Colombia, Japan, South Africa and other countries and regions.

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